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The evolution and progress of Human civilization is closely associated with the continuous understanding of nature surrounding them.

Homo sapiens who were initially only hunters and gatherers – progressed and began to cultivate plants that so that it may provide them food, medicines, clothing, colors, ornamentation or just pleasure. As time passed they have tried to improve the methodology of cultivation consistently.

milky mushroom

Mushroom cultivation is a comparatively new frontier.

Swetha Mushroom also known as Milky Mushroom  (Calocybe indica) is a fairly new addition in the field of mushroom cultivation. This mushroom was found in the wild, in West Bengal, India and the cultivation method was researched by Indian horticulture department. Milky mushroom was named so because of its milky white color. However there are many mushrooms which are named as Milky mushroom in the world some of which are not edible. For this purpose I would like to call Calocybe indica as Swetha (usually pronounced shway-tha or as sway-tha. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word for white, “Sweth”. (Swetha essentially means “pure.)

The advantage of Swetha mushroom is that it has high nutritional value and is easy to cultivate in hot climatic conditions. In addition it has got a long shelf life even without refrigeration. Swetha Mushroom has got a great scope to be a source of high protein for humanity in tropical regions where day time temperature exceed 30 degree centigrade. It has a high bio-efficiency ie. up-to 100%  and has minimum requirement of water for cultivation.

Swetha is a real gift for humanity that is in need of nutritious food in this world.

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